Texas – the second largest state in the United States of America is culturally diverse and has a lot to offer to tourists! It is home to several beaches, mountains, deserts and endless possibilities for fun and adventure! It is a place where nature lovers, history buffs, artists and literally anyone can have the time of their life be it solo, couple, friends, or a family.

6 Best places in texas

Here are some the top and best tourist attractions that Texas has to offer!

San Antonio’s River Walk

The heart of the city – San Antonio River and near it miles of restaurants and pretty outdoor patios! You could just stroll along the river on the pedestrian walkway in the morning or at night, the sight is equally beautiful! You could also enjoy the vibe and the ambiance of the street on a riverboat.

The Alamo

History buffs come to have the time of their life here! The Alamo is a historic site in America that was established in 1718. It is famous for the events of the Texas Revolution. This landmark is now a museum with weapons, artifacts and also commemorates the fallen soldiers of Texas. While here, you can also visit San Antonio Missions Historical Park.

Space Center Houston

The most popular attraction in all of Texas – Space Center Houston! All the space enthusiasts and aspiring astronauts have the best time here! People can learn all about NASA’s upcoming missions, latest projects and if lucky, even meet an astronaut! The place is so engaging that tourists tend to spend half a day exploring! The major attractions include the space shuttle replica mounted on a shuttle carrier, the replica of America’s first space station – Skylab, and touching a rock from the Moon or Mars.

Big Bend National Park

A scenery with mountains, canyons and a river – Big Bend National Park, right near the border between the United States and Mexico. It is full of sightseeing views and recreational activities! Hiking enthusiasts can enjoy the elaborate and extensive hiking trails with several campgrounds. You could also enjoy a picnic including a nice paddle along the Rio Grande or spend your time birdwatching with more than 400 species of birds around!

The Sixth Floor Museum, Dallas

The Sixth Floor Museum – an account into to assassination of President John F. Kennedy. It on the sixth floor, the place from where the fatal shot was fired. It gives a detailed explanation of how the assassination went down and also offers an insight into Kennedy’s presidential term – starting from his campaign to photos and historic artifacts. While here, people can also visit the John F. Kennedy Memorial which nearby and is a monument dedicated to President Kennedy.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Guadalupe Mountains National Park is the home to the four highest peaks of Texas. It is perfect for people who like hiking as there as more than 80 miles of trails through canyons and springs. It is full of wildlife like golden eagles. Tourists could visit the visitor center in Pine Springs to get information about the hiking and biking trails over here.

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